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God's purpose for Shepherd of the Hills is to live in witness to Jesus Christ,

helping one another to experience God's life-changing love, proclaiming
His Gospel, and welcoming the diverse community at Deep Creek Lake.

OUR VISION -Shepherd of the Hills is a welcoming community of faith, nurturing spiritual growth through prayer, study and listening to God's Word; proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a diverse community, including residents, visitors, students and veterans; inviting others to worship, telling what Jesus Christ has done in our lives, and making a difference in the world around us by discovering and responding to the needs of others.​

OUR CORE VALUE  is to maintain a geographical presence for worship at Deep Creek Lake, with outreach to those who are transients (vacationers, visitors) and immigrating (retiring) to the area... as well as local residents.



About Shepherd of the Hills

We are not a regular Lutheran Church!


We are moving into the future...

  • Started worshiping at Will O' the Wisp

  • Moved to Garrett 8 Cinemas

  • Then in a storefront near Deep Creek Lake

  • Back to Will O' the Wisp

  • Moved to McHenry United Methodist

  • NOW at St.Peter at the Lake Center
    1140 Mosser Road
    McHenry, MD 21541


Pastor Rick















Richard T. Egtvedt began leading the flock at Shepherd of the Hills on Sunday, February 15, 2015.

Rick Egtvedt received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography from Michigan State University in 1983, a Master in Public Administration degree with honors from the University of West Florida in 1993, and a Master of Divinity degree with honors from The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg in 2014. Rick was a member of Christ Lutheran Church ( Inner Harbor ), Baltimore MD. He was a teaching parish student at New Hope Lutheran Church, Columbia, MD and did his Clinical Pastoral Education at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, MD. He served his internship at St. Paul ' s Lutheran Church/Our Redeemer Lutheran church in Canonsburg and McMurray, PA respectively.

Rick Egtvedt is a second career, first call seminarian. Prior to entering the seminary, Rick served in the United States Air Force for twenty-six years, achieving the rank of Colonel, and serving as the Director, Joint Reserve Intelligence Program, of the Department of Intelligence.

Full Communion Partners


Lutherans in the ELCA are committed to the oneness and unity we have in Jesus Christ.

We seek healing for the brokenness and divisions of the Church through history.

We strive for unity in order that our witness to the world will be stronger and more effective.

The ELCA is in full communion with these denominations:

+ United Methodist Church
+ The Episcopal Church
+ The Moravian Church
+ Presbyterian Church, USA
+ Reformed Church in America
+ United Church in Christ

Our Partners in Prayer

We pray for the following congregations:

Christ Lutheran Church, Inner Harbor, Baltimore, MD

Christ Lutheran Church of LaVale, MD

Christ Lutheran Church, Manchester, Pennsylvania

Christ the King Lutheran Church, Huntington, WV

Martin Luther Lutheran Church, Bergton, VA

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, McMurray, PA

 Peace Lutheran Church, Poplar, WI

St. John’s Lutheran Church, Zanesville, OH

Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, McHenry, MD


  • Experience the fullness of God's presence

    • Engaging and inspiring worship

    • Weekly Communion

    • Christ-centered teaching

    • Uplifting music

  • Opportunities for Spiritual growth

    • Sunday School / Adult Discussion

    • Monday 8:45 Prayer Group

    • Wednesday Noon Bible study

    • Advent & Lenten Worship

    • Daily On-line Advent Devotions

    • Thursday Bible Study at Perkins

  • Warm Fellowship

    • LAFF Dinners (2nd Tuesday of the mo.)
    • Friday Evening Game Nights
    • Movie Nights
    • Ski Outings
  • Outreach

    • Food Banks in MD and WV

    • 'Noisy Offering' for Students-in-Need

    • Students in Need at Garrett College

    • 'God's Work our Hands' at opportunities throughout our community

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